Past Events


The Indaba Africa team successfully hosted the second edition of the Financial Markets Indaba Conferences in Harare at Celebration Centre from the 18th to the 19th of May this year. The event brought together top industrial players across Africa who converged at the two day conference to debate on some of the major topics mentioned below:

Macro-economic policy – a conversation with former Finance Ministers and Governors:
Panelist:  Hon. Tendai Biti, Former Finance Minister, Government of Zimbabwe
Moderator: Debbie Peters

  • This foremost panel featured remarkable former public officials who at one point led either Treasury or Central bank. These are individuals that have shaped monetary and fiscal policy reflect on some of the challenges they faced during their tenure and how they responded to today’s economic policy challenges. In this apolitical conversation, the panelists were candid with their views of what needs to be done to stimulate investment and drive growth.

Impact investing – Patient Capital in an Impatient World?
Panelists:      Ms. Rufaro Maunze, Country Director, Techno Serve Zimbabwe
Mr. Simbarashe Mhungu, Managing Director, Harvest Fresh Africa

Mr. Chrispen Mawadza, Finance and Private Sector Development Specialist, World Bank

Moderator: Debbie Peters

  • The short terminism, rigidity and natural aversion for risk inherent of capital markets call for a different type of capital – patient capital. Impact investors, social entrepreneurs and government need to share an understanding that impact investing is a patient game and often long term. This panel of social entrepreneurs, impact investors and advisors discussions revolved around strategies to build patient capital for the dynamic world.

Banking in an age of unconventional Monetary Policy

PANELISTS Mr. George Guvamatanga, Managing Director, Barclays Bank of Zimbabwe

  • Dr. Lance Mambondiani, CEO, Steward Bank
  • Dr. Charity Jinya, Managing Director, MBCA Banking Limited
  • Mr. Ralph Watungwa, Managing Director, Standard Chartered Bank Zimbabwe

Moderator:     Ray Chipendo

  • Banking in Zimbabwe has never been this fluid. Forex controls, multi-currency, mobile money and what others see as an emergence of shadow banking are all trends and forces forcing banks to walk a tight rope. Even then some commentators believe the banks are the only beneficiaries out of these unprecedented changes and conditions.

In the conversations with Bank heads, attendees enjoyed candid conversations on how banks are navigating this unconventional monetary system and ever evolving economic conditions.



The Indaba Africa team successfully hosted another edition of the Financial Markets Indaba Conferences in Johannesburg, South Africa on the 27th of October last year. The event brought together top industrial players across Africa who converged at the one day conference to debate on some of the major topics mentioned below:

Rethinking Zimbabwe Risk – what are we pricing?


Portfolio flows and FDI into Zimbabwe have slowed in recent months. Foreign investors cite un-manageable risks relative to other markets. But many local investors believe risks may be over-priced and Zimbabwe offers significant upside.


This panel brings together local market experts and regional investors and advisors to discuss how best to price the risk in Zimbabwe. Attendees should expect to come out of this panel with a balanced and comprehensive view of Zimbabwe.


Dr. Lance Mambondiani

Dr. Adrian Saville

George Manyere

Neville Mandimika



Godfrey Mutizwa


Private Equity – Value creation strategies?

Private Equity asset class in Zimbabwe has grown exponentially in recent years, thanks to low equity valuations and the popularity of investor control.



This panel brings together Zimbabwean private equity players and advisors and South African players to discuss private equity value creation strategies that work in Africa and Zimbabwe specifically



George Manyere

Gerald Mlotshwa

Tichaona Seremani

Graham Stokoe

Gilbert Muponda



Godfrey Mutizwa

Ease of Doing Business – Is Zimbabwe ready?

Zimbabwe’s Ease of doing business ranking has consistently gone up in the last three quarters.  Yet more and more companies are finding the environment untenable.


Our panel including South African CEOs with an interest in Zimbabwe, Regulators and Zimbabwean key decision makers share their experiences and thoughts on the subject.




George Guvamatanga

Lloyd Manokore


Alban Chirume



Godfrey Mutizwa