London Conference Program 

The conference will be held at the Reuters Building in London on the first on September .

Ambassador of Zimbabwe in the United Kingdom (TBC) will give the opening speech.
Mr Rajen Pillay , CEO Garuda Capital.
  • Ken Sharpe, Executive Chairman, West Properties Company, Zimbabwe
  • Ainos Ngadya - CEO at ANF Capital
  • Tendai Choto - Founding Director, QuipHire Africa
  • ‎Candice Dott- Head of Africa Financial and Risk Market Development - ‎Thomson Reuters

This conversation includes analysts, advisors and asset managers that collectively present a broad view of the performance and risks of different asset classes in Zimbabwe. Panelists go beyond the headlines and uncover hidden value opportunities while cautioning inherent risks associated with investing in Zimbabwe.

Panelists also address the apparent disconnection between performance of winning investments and the broad economy. They also share their short to medium term viewpoint of the economy and markets. These mixed experiences among panelists help to place Zimbabwe’s opportunities and risks into context.

  • Batanayi Katongera - Head of Transfer Pricing at MacFarlanes
  • Donovan A Chimhandamba Chairman, Diaspora Infrastructure Development Group
  • Mr. Richard Ngwenya, Founder and CEO, Nisela Capital
  • Ronald Chirochangu–Managing Director, BetaRisk
In recent years, African Diaspora has supported many African economies through providing forex and supporting consumption for households. But the Diaspora has capacity to do much more. With a concerted effort to integrate Diaspora in providing FDI, valuable knowledge and networks, sub-Saharan economies such as Zimbabwe can accelerate growth and close the development gaps with the developed economies quicker than projected.

This panel looks into how Diaspora can practically support the economic development of the continent.

Lunch break ,Networking and Refreshments
  • Neville Mandimika, Strategist, RMB Global Markets(TBC)
  • Mr. Simbarashe Mhungu, Managing Director, Harvest Fresh Africa(TBC)
  • Brian Mangwiro - Director, Portfolio Strategy at Barings Asset Management
  • John Foster, Africa Editor, Debtwire, Acuris Group
  • Mehlomakhulu , Board Member, Transparency International

The reality of doing business in Zimbabwe is often at odds with the views of commentators. Risk is often mispriced leading to both avoidable losses and lost opportunities. How then should investors and operators identify and price risk. This panel draws on the experiences and knowledge of individuals who have operated, invested and analysed Zimbabwe
  • Martin Orji, Managing Director NR Capital
  • Mr. Sam Mutamuko, Head, Investment Banking, ZB Capital
  • Mutemwa Ushewokunze, Vice President, Institutional Sales (S.Africa) at Macquarie Group
  • Mr. Richard Ngwenya, Founder and CEO, Nisela Capital
  • Ray Chipendo, CEO, Matobo Infrastructure

A frothy equities market and anxiety over rising inflation are prompting investors to look beyond the stock and fixed income markets.

Alternatives in the form of private equity, commodities and now infrastructure have been in existence in Zimbabwe, albeit under radar. This panel discusses the opportunities and risks in alternatives and how easy it is for foreign investors, diaspora and institutional investors to allocate capital in these asset classes.
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